Church cleaning Services


Although most churches and religious facilities are used only a few days a week, it is easy to accumulate dirt and germs without regular and thorough cleaning. At Great Opportunity Cleaning Services, we take the time to ensure that all aspects of churches and religious facilities look their best and are ready for weekly services.


Don't run the risk of leaving your church less than impeccable for weekly services, entrusting someone with the cleaning needs of your building.

Great Opportunity Cleaning Services has years of experience in cleaning religious buildings, adequately preparing them for Sunday services.


To start, we always provide a free estimate on site to assess the scale and needs of your building. This allows us to provide the most accurate quote, without obligation for you. If you want to schedule an estimate, you can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling (614) 353-3641 to coordinate a date to be held at your meeting place.


You can also fill out our online form below and select a preferred date to provide your free quote.

Religious Facility and Church Cleaning


o accommodate worshippers from different backgrounds and demographics, it is important to maintain a safe and clean environment so worshippers may visit your church in peace. Especially for worshippers who may be more sensitive to allergens or dust, presenting a clean environment is important to ensuring a smooth weekly service. In addition to this, offering a clean environment to local parishioners contributes to an overall positive atmosphere and impression of your church.

Our contract cleaners are also sure to thoroughly sanitize high contact areas in places with high amounts of traffic such as doorknobs, faucets, and handles. You can rest assured that our contract cleaners are the most experienced in the cleaning industry and for maintaining a stately appearance for your church. Additional perks to hiring professional contract cleaners through the Great Opportunity Cleaning besides our flexible cleaning packages is the professionalism our contract cleaners have for houses of worship—our contract cleaners will take care not to disturb altars or sites that require privacy and are important to your church unless instructed to clean otherwise.

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