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We are a registered company in Westerville, Oh, We are fully insured and equipped and we also do small cleaning projects. We provide professional cleaning staff throughout Columbus, Oh area.
Each specialized cleaning team is local and ready to assist you.
Our house cleaning services help to make each house more luminous and fresh. Do not hesitate to ask our experts at (614) 353-3641

When it comes to finding reliable and affordable commercial cleaning services in Columbus, Ohio, GreatOpportunity Cleaning Company is the clear choice. This family-owned business has been providing quality service for over 20 years and offers a wide range of services to meet all your needs. From basic janitorial work to more specialized tasks such as floors cleaning or window washing, Great Opportunity Cleaning Company can handle it all with ease.

What sets our company apart from others is their commitment to customer satisfaction and attention to detail. All employees are thoroughly trained in the latest techniques so that you can trust them with even the most delicate jobs without worry. 

Great Opportunity Cleaning Company understands how important cleanliness is when running a successful business; We strive not just for good looks but also proper sanitation practices throughout each job site which helps protect customers' health safety as well as their property values too!  Whether you're looking for one-time deep cleans or ongoing maintenance plans, we have an option available that fits within any budget constraints - making them an ideal partner when trying keep up appearances at your place of work without breaking bank accounts either!


Not only does we are company offer top notch service but our rates remain competitive compared other local businesses offering similar services too – giving clients peace mind knowing they won’t be overcharged no matter what kind job gets done by experienced professionals who truly care about doing best possible job every single time around here Columbus OH area . So if you want make sure your office space stays looking its best then don't hesitate contact Great Opportunity today get started on path towards cleaner environment tomorrow !

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