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Spring Cleaning

Our spring cleaning services begin with a homeowner consultation. During this consultation, we will learn more about your household and specific cleaning requests. This is how we like to begin all of our relationships, whether it be for recurring services or an occasional clean (like spring cleaning).

Most spring cleaning service sessions include the following cleaning tasks:

  • Wipe down all surfaces (tables, countertops, appliances, furniture, chairs).

  • Clean window sills.

  • Vacuum curtains, drapes and furniture cushions.

  • Dust light fixtures, picture frames, molding and knickknacks.

  • Clean doorknobs and drawer handles throughout the home.

  • Scrub the bathtub, shower, sink basins and of course the toilet.

  • Wipe down appliances

  • Change bed linens (if requested) and more – custom cleaning plans are available!


If you have any special requests or only need help with certain cleaning tasks, talk to your Great Opportunity Cleaning about your spring cleaning plan. It’s our goal to make your spring cleaning a breeze so you have more free time to spend however you’d like – probably by enjoying the nice weather!

Spring Cleaning Tips

Implement a few of these shortcuts to make your spring cleaning – and your everyday cleaning – much easier.

  • Dusting is important work, but you'll save time and need to dust less often if you:

  1. Regularly change the air filter in your furnace. It will trap dust for you!

  2. Use dryer sheets, even used ones, as dusting cloths for window blinds and baseboards. They leave a trace of anti-static fabric softener that repels dust and leaves a nice smell.

  3. Dryer sheets can also be placed inside your furnace/AC registers to trap dust while keeping your house smelling fresh.

  4. Microfiber dusting cloths are superior to paper towels and other cleaning cloths. You’ll also use less cleaning solution with them, which helps your cleaning supplies last longer.

  • If your spring cleaning plan extends to cleaning your vehicles, you'll find that placing one or two pieces of activated charcoal (not the kind for your grill) under the seats will eliminate odors.

  • Does your garbage disposal smell funky? Try cleaning the splash guard. After making sure the disposal is turned off, use a disinfectant-dipped cloth to wipe the top and bottom of the black, rubber ring in your sink.

  • When cleaning your glass and mirrors, use newspapers instead of cloth or paper towels.

  • Newspaper is also great at soaking up juices from leftover food. Try lining your garbage can with yesterday’s news to keep the can clean and stink-free.

  • Clean your stainless-steel appliances by applying baby oil to a microfiber cloth and wiping with the grain. Baby oil costs virtually nothing compared to store-bought cleaner.


Make Your Home a No-Bug Zone

Spring and summer mean bug season. Did you know that one in five children is allergic to cockroach saliva and droppings, and the bugs’ bodies? Yeah, we think you’ll agree with us that bugs and insects belong outside, not inside.


Spring Cleaning with Kids

Spring cleaning is a great tradition. But is it a family tradition that includes the kids? To create a culture where participation is expected, start early: Ages 3–5 are good for you to start setting the precedent. Children this age are motivated by fun, so

use these tips to get kids involved:
  • Show them how to “slam dunk” dirty clothes into the hamper.

  • Pump up the volume on some of their favorite music.

  • Make re-arranging their room a part of the cleanup so they can get excited about their new surroundings.


Because older kids are more likely to be motivated by rewards, get them engaged by tying the completion of chores to their allowance. Or allow them to name their own reward, which doesn't even have to be monetary. A later bedtime once a week, for example, might provide enthusiastic buy-in.

Professional House Cleaning Services

These are just some of the tips we have for spring cleaning. With more than 5 years of professional cleaning experience, we know the most effective way to keep your house clean is to clean it on a weekly basis.

To make spring cleaning a little lighter next year, we recommend establishing a recurring cleaning schedule. If you need a little help, keep in mind that Great Opportunity Cleaning offers flexible cleaning options. That way, you’ll have more time to get outside and plant that garden you’ve been putting off! Call (614) 353-3641 to discuss your spring cleaning needs, or Request a FREE Estimate online.

We’re Maid for This!

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