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School Cleaning

When you operate a school, you aren’t just responsible for your students’ education — you’re also responsible for their safety. Your school cleaning services are an essential part of that process, protecting students from dangerous bacteria and viruses. No matter what kind of school you operate your local Great Opportunity Cleaning offers cleaning solutions that will help you keep your facility healthy and clean.

Accommodating a large number of students, educational facilities can quickly become breeding grounds for fast-moving germs if the building is not cleaned properly. Great Opportunity Cleaning goes above and beyond to ensure the cleanliness of your school and strives to help you keep kids in the classroom.

We Disinfect Bathrooms. 

Bathrooms are the number one area for germs in any school, which is why Great Opportunity cleaners place special focus on bathroom cleaning. We combine high-coverage methods that deliver a wall-to-wall clean with targeted cleaning strategies that wipe-out germs in high-risk areas.

We’re Floor Cleaning Experts. 

No matter what kinds of flooring are found in your school, products, equipment, and expertise you need to keep them clean.

We Leave Air Fresher & Healthier.

 Our vacuums include quiet-cleaning technology, making it easy for students to concentrate. They also include HEPA filters that actually improve the quality of air in your school.

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The development of the Great Opportunity Cleaning system to clean educational facilities has helped to protect the health of students and staff. In daily cleaning, we offer all levels of service to meet your needs and budget. We will also help you to comply with all regulations and standards.


Make sure day care centers and preschools are cleaned, sanitized and disinfected with Great Cleaning Opportunity Cleaning's comprehensive cleaning services. From classrooms, bathrooms, staff rest rooms, hallways and more, we clean everything!


Keep your school clean and healthy with Great Opportunity Cleaning. Using industry-standard cleaning methods and procedures, we will clean your school or campus to the highest standards. Let teachers and students stay focused on learning and leave the cleaning up to us.


Improve the learning environment for students, teachers and staff with immaculately clean buildings and facilities. Our janitorial experts have the experience and knowledge to efficiently clean frequently used areas, such as classrooms, science labs, offices and more.

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