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Cleaning Education and Daycare Facilities

Keeping your daycare clean and germ-free is very important to avoid germs and bacteria from spreading across a school population. It’s important to clean your daycare, preschools, elementary schools, private schools childcare facilities, and other educational facility correctly using proper disinfectants, hygienic, green cleaning materials and safe avoiding corrosive chemicals or bleach.

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School, Daycare & Montessori Cleaning Services

The Great Opportunity Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services to daycares, preschools, primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, childcare centers, and other education facilities.  We will help keep your daycare or educational facility clean and inviting.


Our affordable prices as well as our flexibility that schedules the school cleaning services to fit your specific needs gives you the advantage to provide a healthy and clean environment to your  students and employees.

Let us bring our expertise to your facility and provide your school or daycare with a professional school janitorial services.


We provide educational cleaning services for:

  • Daycare

  • Schools

  • Preschools

  • Schools

  • Private Schools

  • Driving Schools

  • Religious Schools

  • Business / Training Schools

  • And more...


Below you can find our typical School, Daycare & Montessori Cleaning, Institutional and janitorial cleaning services in Columbus Ohio, Area:

  • Clean and sanitize restroom fixtures

  • Sterilizing toys and arts and craft objects

  • Empty all trash receptacles

  • Trash collection and recycling

  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and lunch area

  • Washing all play areas

  • Vacuum all carpeting and spot clean as needed

  • Dust and polish furniture as needed

  • Dusting, wiping and disinfecting all equipment

  • Dust window blinds and horizontal surfaces on a regular basis

  • Clean Kitchen/Break Room fixtures and appliances

  • Sweep and Mop any tile or hard flooring

  • Toilet cleaning and disinfecting

  • Restroom cleaning and disinfecting

  • Odor removal

  • Wash and clean entrance, drains, glass

  • Shower cleaning and sanitization

  • Kitchen and Break Room cleaning and disinfecting

  • Refilling restroom supplies

  • Vacuuming carpets and rugs

  • Sweeping and mopping floors

  • Spot Cleaning

  • Window cleaning inside and outside

  • Rubbish collection

  • Sweeping and mopping of floors

  • Complete floor maintenance

  • Cleaning reception area and foyers

  • Cleaning of light fixtures and skirting boards

  • Vacuuming

  • Entranceways and corridors cleaning

  • Cubicles and private office cleaning

  • Conference room cleaning

  • Common area cleaning

  • Elevators and stairways cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning and spot removal

  • Hard surface floor care, including tile and grout

  • Cleaning for restrooms, cafeterias and teachers’ lounges

  • Interior and exterior building and grounds cleaning

  • Dusting of work spaces, surface areas and office equipment

  • Clean entrance glass and any interior glass.

  • Effective sanitization of restroom and kitchen spaces

  • Air duct cleaning

  • Disinfection services for classrooms, bathrooms, and any other space to help fight the spread of germs

  • Dust air vents and returns along with ceiling fans on a regular basis.

  • Wall and window cleaning services;

  • And much more!

Recent News

Daycare, School and CPE Cleaning Services

Schools and Daycare Facilities Cleaning

Schools and childcare facilities are home to millions of different bacteria and germs. Our cleaning service helps keep kids, students, visitors and staff safe.

Specialized Daycare, School and CPE Cleaning Services, we provide a complete set of cleaning services and janitorial services to all sizes of education institutions and daycare centers. We use environmentally friendly products.

For over Great Opportunity Cleaning has been providing high quality Daycare, School and CPE Cleaning Services in Columbus, Ohio. Regular quality control, highly trained and motivated cleaners as well as excellent customer service keep Great Opportunity Cleaning at the top of the Education and Daycare Facilities industry in The Great Columbus Area.

Education and Daycare Facilities

Specializes in environmental cleaning services for childcare facilities, preschools, elementary schools, and other educational and healthcare sites. 

Systematic cleaning of the school gym, cafeteria, washrooms, water fountains, desks, library, and other common areas such as school computer keyboards and entryways.

With  Great Opportunity Cleaning, your schools and daycares will not only look clean and smell clean – it will actually be a cleaner, healthier place to work, learn and play.

So if you are looking for a professional Montreal cleaning company to look after your school, college or university. For a highly focused cleaning service, contact us today.

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