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Masterize your cleaning methods with few simple tricks

cleaning methods with few simple tricks
Cleaning methods

Take a look at the following cleaning methods tips and tricks to use during the next cleaning

Rotate carpets and rugs to make them longer lasting. Of course, the most stained spots and areas are these with the heaviest traffic. That`s why a good idea is to rotate the rugs once in a month if possible. This will prevent the same areas for staining and dirt accumulating, while in the meantime preventing from the big heavy furniture`s edges to leave traces at the same spots.

Turn rugs and carpets after cleaning on a monthly basis too. This is just another great hint that will keep the colors and the fresh look of the rugs with long fibers for a long time, but only if they are reversible. This will ensure an even exposure to the direct sunlight too, which is very dangerous for the colors of handmade carpets and rugs.

After domestic cleaning of carpets and rugs via hot-water machine - leave them to dry quicker under a direct sunlight. However, it`s very essential not to leave them for a longer time, because the direct sunlight can cause unpleasing effects for the brightness and nuances of the carpet`s colors.

Spray protective solution onto wooden, leather and fiber surfaces after every big cleaning, such as the spring cleaning. There is a variety of protective sprays and solutions, and they are as important as wiping off the dust. They ensure that final touch, which prevents leather upholstery from dryness and lose of pigmentation. The same applies for wooden surfaces and fiber upholstery.

Use professional cleaning at least once a year. There is no doubt - the professional cleaners know the best ways and methods for cleaning or sanitizing the house. First, stroll through the sites of the cleaning companies in your region and find out the descriptions of their services. If there is what you`re looking for - make a call and fix a date.

Wait for a moderate air temperature when cleaning leather upholstery. The spring is perhaps the best season for cleaning. Leave the doors and the windows open to freshen the air, while in the meantime ensuring a moderate air temperature for the evaporation of the detergents you use. This is very important for the treatment of leather furnishings, because it prevents them from cracking when it`s too cold or hot.

Make homemade solutions instead of buying a whole chemistry from the market. Yet the universal cleaning detergents are perfect for domestic cleaning, but one can achieve similar effect with a homemade detergent. Mixing hot water and tiny amounts of vinegar, for example, is perfect for cleaning windows and glass surfaces. For upholstery and even for cleaning the carpet`s most persistent stains - use a solution of hot water and baking soda.

For wiping off dust quicker and easier from clothes, cushions and light carpets - it`s enough just to beat them outdoors. However, this method is impossible for wiping off dust from big wooden furniture, TV screens and other electronics. All that you need is a brush with electrostatic charged long fibers. It can swivel in every direction to reach even the smallest hidden areas behind sofas and wardrobes.

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