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Kitchen Cleaning Solution at Home

kitchen cleaning solution

The kitchen is the place, where every surface or corner is used by something. On the other hand, if your kitchen`s regularly used for dining, you probably need to clean it regularly. Next are few examples to keep in mind, which can help you to achieve flawless results even during an impromptu domestic cleaning without calling a big professional team for cleaning.

When it comes to kitchen cleaning - maybe a great idea is to begin with the ceilings and the walls. Clean the cooker hoods and change the filters, clean the lights from their bases, deep clean the curtains or the other windows coverings.

Kitchen Cleaning Solution

Here, the most important thing is to use a kitchen cleaning solution that you can spray directly onto the flat wall or ceiling surface. Via clean towel, you can scrub for a while, as well as wiping off the excess, while cleaning the towel in a bowl of clean water in the meantime. This makes the entire cleaning more efficient and quicker, instead of repeating one same spot again and again without cleaning the towel itself.

Pay more attention to the edges and the corners where the walls meet the ceiling. There are the usual places where the mist, the humidity and the vapors accumulate at most, especially when cooking in the winter with closed windows or if you smoke in the kitchen. According to the type of the surface - try to find the perfect spray solution and prepare all the tools in advance like the bowl with clean water, a couple of clean towels, etc.

Home-Made Kitchen Cleaning Solution

Continue with cleaning all the electric and frequently used items like the oven, the sink, etc. Kitchen cleaning require some special cares and detergent solutions, which can be found in the local stores. However, for a fast cleaning at home, you can make your own home-made kitchen cleaning solution. A tiny amount of baking soda, white vinegar, shampoo can do the perfect job, especially when mixes with a small amount of hot almost boiling water. Stir continuously on a low heat until the water begin to evaporate and the liquid substance transforms into a paste or wax. With the help of a grooming brush, but not with metal fibers, scrub thoroughly the most stained areas of the oven from inside, as well as from outside. The detergent acts as a degreaser too and so a great idea is to let it soak up for a few minutes so to dissolve the dirt by itself. Try to use the brush only for the heaviest and the most persistent spots, while wiping off the excess and the dislodged dirt just via clean cloths. Don`t forget to remove the racks from the oven to make the cleaning even more efficient and easier.

Deodorize and sanitize the entire kitchen. Although the sink, the electric items and all the other big objects are already perfectly clean, they need a sanitizing treatment. Yet it comes to the kitchen, where the entire family dine and spend a lot of time every day. A universal sanitizing solution from the store might be perfect, but if you have pets - you may need a special sanitizing and deodorizing agent. In all cases, you can enjoy the fresh smell in the air, as well as not worry about the risk of breathing volatile pollens and other unhealthy bacteria.

At last - clean the floor. According to its type, you can use a rental floor scrubber machine for cleaning the tiles, as well as universal silicon base filler to make the grout looking like new. After the deep cleaning of the floor surface, make sure to keep the effect via quick weekly or daily mopping for just a couple of minutes.

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