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Cleaning Laminate Floors

Sometimes cleaning laminate floors can be tricky. They may appear like wooden floors but actually cleaning them has more to do with carpet cleaning than hard floor cleaning. It may not be obvious at first glance but actually laminate comprised of a hard material base covered with a thin sheet of paper or other colored substance that carries the image of the laminate enveloped in a plastic coat for protection.

Prevent Water Soaking when Cleaning Laminate Floors

This prevents dirt and water soaking in the material so laminate does neither soak like carpet, nor molds like wood but cleaning with water isn’t a good idea. The problem is that thin cover protecting the material inside. It’s a little bit like the finish on wood but the big difference is that if it dulls it can’t be repaired. You can’t refinish laminate. There is nothing stopping water and mold ruining your laminate once the cover is removed. That is why protecting the cover means protecting the laminate itself.

This is the reason you shouldn’t use water on the surface when cleaning laminate floors or leave it wet for more than a few minute. Water may settle in small fractures and dry there leaving little particles of material in the pores. Watering again and again may accumulate material there expanding the pores till they dull the protective layer altogether. Thus, you should use just a fair amount of water enough to wet the mop and sweep the dirt but not to leave the cover wet.

It’s actually better to use vacuum cleaner when cleaning laminate floors or dry brush instead of water at all. It might not be the best way to remove all the dirt but it’s better than ruining the laminate altogether. Furthermore, mopping may just spread the dirt along the area leaving behind nothing a series stripes ruining your efforts. If you are buying the laminate yourself you should try to contact the seller beforehand with instructions how you should clean it for the best results.

Careful when Cleaning Laminate Floors

Laminate isn’t as durable as wood so you should consider carefully how you use it. It may be a floor cover but if stressed it can easily wear and peel off leaving the concrete open. In some cases it could even tear altogether leaving racks on top of the bare floor. That is why you should consider covering the places most used and therefore dulled with mats, rugs or carpet rather than leaving the laminate naked and cleaning them instead.

Carpet cleaning is easier than laminate and could protect your floor for years. It could come to be a successful interior design, too. You should also put floor protectors under heavy pieces of furniture to absorb mechanical stresses. Another good idea is to search for appropriate cleaning products used specially for laminate but you should first find out precisely what your laminate is composed of and what kind of cleaning products would not harm it.

But there is the risk that some of those substances or their ingredients might not be entirely harmless for your health and you should be careful how often you use them. Furthermore, they could be quite expensive and you may not be capable of making the best choice on your own. But using the wrong solution may damage your nice laminate irreversibly. In such case it will be wise to contact cleaning agency and ask for the help of professional cleaners. They will need precisely what you floor needs and do a job you simply aren't capable of. Cleaning companies offer a variety of cleaning services and they could choose the most appropriate method for you.

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