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Incredible Murphy’s Oil Soap 8 Hacks And Uses

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Murphy’s Oil Soap is a great solution for many of your household problems. It has such a sweet fragrance, so that is an additional benefit for using this household cleaner. Here are twenty ways to use Murphy’s Oil Soap around your home and garden. 


Banisters on the stairs turn really ugly over the years. They get sticky and just have an unpleasant look. They can be cleaned with Murphy’s oil soap. It will remove the dark sticky build-up. Leaving your banisters looking brand new. Here is a tip… Instead of removing surface damage items and throwing them in the dumpster, try cleaning and see what happens. see more in

2. INSECT REPELLENT Combine lemon juice, vegetable oil, Murphy’s oil soap, and water Add to a spray bottle and use to spray any area that has the pest issue. Spraying around the windows and doors will be a good place to start.

3. REMOVE PAINT FROM PAINT BRUSHES Murphy’s oil soap is something you might want to keep close if you are planning on painting. It is well known from my grandma’s days for removing paint from paintbrushes. Simply, lather your paintbrushes as soon as you are through with them. This is a low cost and efficient.

4. LEATHER CLEANER Leathers can take a little cleaning now and again. Using just about any chemical to clean leather can cause permanent damage. Murphys is considered to be a safe cleaning solution. Clean your leather by adding a small amount of Murphys on a dry cloth and wipe away dust and marks from your leather. Your leather will be shiny and looking great.

5. SHINES LAMINATED FLOORS Murphy’s oil soap will do a great job of getting your floor sparkling clean. Add 1/2 cup Murphys to 2-gallon warm water. Use Bucket for this and a mop. Murphys is an excellent source if you are looking for a cleaner for your laminated floor. Just using any cleaner may damage your floor.

6. CLEAN CAR INTERIOR You can use Murphys to clean your car’s leather interior. Pour onto a soft cloth and wipe your seats dashboard and steering wheel. Who is to tell, maybe you found the secret the carwash has been hiding all this time. 7. CARPET CLEANER Pour the soap directly onto the stain. Allow it to soak through. Use a cloth to rub the area in a circular motion until the stain is no longer visible. Rinse well and allow the carpet to dry before using it. Bad stain on the carpet? Murphys is known for its stain-removing abilities, so it is capable of removing stains too from carpets. 8. GLASS TP STOVE CLEANER Use murphy’s oil soap to remove grease from your glass top stove. Not only will it remove the grease from your stovetop. It will also shine. Make a solution using 2 tbsp Murphys to 1-quart warm water. Give your stove a good wipe. For the finishing touch use a dry cloth to wipe away the soap. This will leave your stove looking radiant.

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