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Quick tips and hints for daily kitchen cleaning

kithen cleaning

Within the myriad of things to do every day to in order to keep your home clean and the healthy atmosphere, one should consider daily kitchen cleaning more carefully. Yet it`s one of the most inhabited rooms and the remains of food and other blemishes enhance the thriving of microbiological organisms and other unhealthy bacteria. Therefore, the following check-list with tips and hints for daily kitchen cleaning is only an example of what to do and not to do for the perfect clean kitchen.

Mop every day with a universal detergent and clean water. Mop all the possible corners and surfaces of the floor, whether it`s tiled, laminate or with stone tiles. Mopping is the fastest way to get rid of the daily accumulated dust and dirt, as well as perfect way to deodorize and enhance the freshness of the atmosphere.

Clean the trash from outside, as well as from inside. It may be cleaned not every day, but on a regular basis or at least when changing the bag.

For the perfect oven cleaning after use - remove the racks and soak them up in water with soap or another degreaser. Then, stiff brush the heavily stained spots or scrub the grid via clean towel and a dish washing detergent.

Clean with a towel under the fridge, the table, the shelves or the sink. Just wiping off dust on a daily basis is enough to keep these yet invisible and easy to reach areas clean and to reduce the chance of thriving allergens and bacteria.

Clean the cabinets with a clean towel or at least the shelves, which are daily used. There may be food crumbs left between the edges or in the closing mechanism.

Make a home-made solution of baking soda, salt and soap to treat the heaviest blemishes and the most soiled spots. This solution works flawlessly on metal surfaces like chrome or stainless objects, as well as on tiled floors, walls, counter-tops, etc.

Clean the sink to keep it more visually pleasing and to enhance the clean effect for a longer time. Deep cleaning with the home-made solution`s recommended at least once a month, but the everyday clean is always useful, including just a short rinse under hot water.

Clean the fridge from inside, as well as from inside. Rearrange it from time to time and so you can see the spots that need cleaning. It`s not needed to defrost the freeze and the fridge to clean every corner, but just look for expired food and drinks.

Clean all other appliances as another major part of the daily kitchen cleaning. This may include the mixer, the microwave, the freezer, the dish washing machine, etc. Clean also the outer sides like the cooling coils on the backing of the fridge, which often get dust and dirt if not cleaned every few days or weeks.

Clean the pans right after usage, as well as plates the other utensils. Don`t forget to change the sponge within a few days or weeks, because a worn and dirty sponge can`t make the utensils clean and safe for further use.

When doing your daily kitchen cleaning, wipe off food crumbs from the table right after dining, as well as clean the floor area around the table itself.

Change the wash towel for the utensils and this for cleaning hands. It all depends on the wear and the daily use, but clean towels and other clean items for self-cleaning always enhance the feel of cleanliness and freshness in your kitchen.

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