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Furniture cleaning in Columbus

The messes will happen, no matter how clean you try to maintain your home, and this is simply the result of having pets, children or even baking delicious desserts. Many factors can come into play when it comes to making your furniture not look beautiful, or even making sofas and other upholstery look like a complete mess!

The following are some reasons why Great Opportunity Carpet Cleaning Columbus Ohio can meet all of your upholstery cleaning requirements:

Our technicians are well equipped to clean any type of upholstery, including materials such as velvet and delicate microfibers.

Our technicians are not only specialists in cleaning fabrics, but also cleaning leather.
We use a team to help inspect each piece of furniture before the cleaning process to create a fully customized plan for each piece of upholstery.

When the proper cleaning plan is prepared after recognizing the materials and the furniture brand, the team then works together to remove any type of resistant stains and, ultimately, revive the upholstery of your home.

Our cleaning products are great for thoroughly cleaning leather furniture and, at the same time, being careful so that we can remove any dirt or debris and maintain the quality of fine leather furniture. The following are some special qualities involved with our leather cleaning:

Carpet cleaning Technicians will conduct their own inspection of your leather furniture to determine the best cleaning methods before the cleaning date.
All of our leather cleaning products are specifically formulated for leather upholstery and have a pH balanced.


Our products have special conditioners that help in recovering the elasticity of leather furniture and in revitalizing the natural upholstery oils. These special conditioners will help your leather furniture look great and last much longer.

Vacuuming the Couch cleaning
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Many people think that leather does not need to be cleaned regularly, but this is simply NOT TRUE! Leather covers many everyday surfaces in our homes, and each of these surfaces needs to be carefully cleaned. That is exactly why we are concerned with training our technicians especially in terms of professional cleaning of all types of leather.

1. We will examine your leather upholstery to determine what type of leather your furniture is and how we should proceed with the rest of the process.

2. We apply a cleaning product that helps to eliminate all types of dirt and grime that accumulate in the upholstery for long periods.


3. We allow about 5 to 10 minutes for the cleaner to clean the stains and then one of our technicians will remove the dirt by cleaning the leather.

4. Then we apply our special conditioner so that the leather maintains its smooth and soft texture.


Then, we will clean the furniture with a protector that helps repel dirt and grime for long periods.
We understand that having leather furniture can be very difficult to care for yourself, which is why our trained professionals are here to ensure that the leather cleaning process is done properly.


A lot of homeowners have trouble with chronic odor problems, which can be embarrassing and overall unpleasant. The sources of these odors can be very difficult to locate and completely remove, which is where we come in to help. The following are some features of our deodorizing techniques:

We use the best of the best when it comes to deodorizers, which do wonders in terms of permanently getting rid of chronic or unwanted home scents.
Our odor absorbing substances from incredible jobs at eliminating tough and common home scents like pet smells, sewage, mildew, urine, oil, smoke, musk and so much more.
All of the products we utilize are environmentally friendly, nontoxic and nonflammable, which can make drastic differences in terms of improving the overall comfort of your home.

Professional Cleaning Benefits

There’s no doubt about it that it takes a lot of energy and time to properly maintain the cleanliness of your home, and no matter how disciplined you are there is always going to be a requirement for a thorough, deep cleaning every now and again. Instead of pulling out all of your own equipment and getting down and dirty you can turn this service over to the professionals at Great Opportunity Carpet Cleaning in Columbus Ohio.

There are endless reasons to hire out a professional cleaning service, and the following are just some of the main benefits our clients receive when working with us:


1. Healthier, cleaner indoor air
2. Savings over the long term
3. Proper tools that perform better jobs
4. Deeper, lasting cleans
5. Cleaned flooring / upholstery ends up lasting much longer
6. More free time to spend with family


Our team of professional home cleaners has worked together throughout many years to develop very efficient and effective cleaning processes. We are very proud to be one of Columbus,  most trusted cleaning service companies, but we are always striving towards improvement and developing our methods to stay on the cutting edge of the industry’s trends and technologies.

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