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House Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

Updated: Feb 23

Whether you are picking up the pine needles in the carpet, Thanksgiving pots and pans on the countertop or candle wax dripping on the table, there are tips on how to address the much-needed house cleaning, especially once Uncle Theodore has proclaimed your bathroom as his new library. Of course, there are additional concerns during this season such as the Christmas tree is already dropping needles. In Midwest climate cities such as Tulsa, Columbus, Oklahoma, or Peoria, Illinois, experts suggest taking care of tasks such as turning over mattresses and washing bedding, including comforters and blankets. Homeowners will find more cobwebs in homes in the winter also, because the spiders are coming in to get out of the cold. A good house cleaning will deter these winter visitors from setting up camp.

One of the areas of the home that suffers over the holiday season is the kitchen. It is punished with endless traffic because in today's society, that is where most guests congregate to socialize while you are cooking the Thanksgiving turkey or holiday ham. Whether it is the turkey or the Hanukah latkes means splatters in the kitchen, too. For grease splatters on wood cabinets, use bath, or baby, oil. Wipe it down and the grease will literally wipe up. It puts a great luster on the cupboards. Stainless stain appliances can be wiped down with a little baby oil as well to keep the appliances new and fresh. For surfaces such as the painted wall behind the stove or things like that, you can use trisodium phosphate, available from any hardware store. Just mix it according to directions. It is a great grease cutter. Also, try undiluted dish soap on a wet cloth. Wash the area and then rinse it well.

So, you've gone to the forest to cut down a real Christmas tree and now it is dropping needles everywhere. To easily pick up after it, put a plastic tablecloth under the base when you bring it home. That will help to catch the needles and it also keeps any water from going through to the carpet when you water the tree. Then cover that with your favorite tree skirt. To remove the absconder needles, use the vacuum hose on your vacuum cleaner to draw them out of the carpet, because that is what brings the dust and needles out of the carpet so you can get at them. When you are watering your tree, remember to use a turkey baster; it keeps you from pouring water everywhere. Use an ounce or two of antibacterial mouthwash in the water each time you water to prevent mildew. After the holidays, you can simply draw up the tablecloth to cover the tree and remove it outside.

Another big hurdle in house cleaning for the holidays is the bathroom because it receives a lot of traffic. It is best to use a flushable cleaning brush if possible. This is an excellent tool for getting rid of any hard water stains along with the usual toilet black mess that accumulates on the bowl rim. You can also use any of the other bathroom cleansers to clean your shower and the sink.

Finally, remember to also use vacuums with a special filtrating system that capture dust, bacteria, pet dander, pollutants and allergens found in the air. This addresses not only allergies but also flu attacks. At any time of the year, there are additional concerns in maintaining the cleanliness of your home. Often, many homeowners end up using a professional house cleaning service to avoid the added stress and extra hours of labor. Save those hours for the extra sleep you will need!

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